Apartments for rent Trinidad and Tobago Chaguanas, Cunupia

4 brand new unfurnished apartments for rent Trinidad and Tobago Chaguanas, Cunupia

Christopher House is a block of 4 brand new apartments for rental Trinidad and Tobago Chaguanas, Cunupia. Please go to the enquire page if you would like to inspect any of the apartments. Enquire

Christopher House was originally a one storey 3 bedroom house and has recently been converted into 4 separate 2 bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a separate entry, brand new kitchen, new bathroom, new tiled floors and air conditioning in each room. Externally there is an undercover laundry area and 2 parking space per apartment. Electricity is not included but available separately along with internet and cable.

This spacious apartments offers a comfortable living space while being not too far away from Price Plaza and the Lange Park. Excellent for single working professionals or couples.

Easy Access to Southern Main Road and Highway.

Trinidad (Spanish: "Trinity") land of the carnival is the larger and more populated of the two major islands and numerous landforms which make up the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The island lies roughly 11 km off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. With an area of 4,768 km2 (1,841 sq mi), it is also the sixth largest in the West Indies. Trinidad - Wikipedia

Apartments Trinidad Apartment 1

Christopher HouseApartment 1

Apartments Trinidad Apartment 2

Christopher HouseApartment 2

Apartments Trinidad Apartment 3

Christopher HouseApartment 3

Apartments Trinidad Apartment 4

Christopher HouseApartment 4

10 Reasons you will love these Trinidad apartments

1 There spacious

Recently converted from a two storey home in to four separate apartments, the space in each apartment is brilliant giving you a chance to spread your wings and enjoy life in your new apartment.

2 Just renovated

Each apartment has new paint, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, new doors and windows, new tiling throughout, new electrics and plumbing all new.

3 Great location

The apartments are located in Trinidad, Chaguanas, Cunupia. 2 minutes walk from the Southern Main Road. 15 minutes drive to Chaguanas. 35 minutes drive to Port of Spain. 5 minutes drive to Chin Chin.

4 Secure property

New burglar proof has been installed on all doors and windows giving you that extra peace of mind.

5 Awesome neighbours

No bacanal will be excepted by tenants. Please be accommodating to the other tenants.

6 Great parking

There is enough room for 2 parking spaces per apartment. Please be accommodating to the other tenants and only use two parking spaces per apartment.

7 Laundry area

New undercover laundry area is ready to use, here you can install your own washing machine and dry your clothes.

8 Property regularly maintained

If there is a problem with your apartment it will be maintained swiftly. Just contact to notify us about your maintenance query.

9 Hot and cold water

New plumbing and water tanks have been installed giving you lots of hot and cold water for your comfort.

10 Air conditioning coming soon

We will be installing 2 air conditioning units per apartment to keep the comfort level in you apartment to a premium standard.